The Very Best of McDonalds Workers Resistance

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So here are a fairly random selection of quotes from the MWR web site. This, believe it or not, is apparently 'the very best of MWR'. We can only imagine what the rest is like. To see the page from which a quote was lifted, just click on the golden arches. Have a nice day...

I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “We don't want to prostitute our lives and resign ourselves to drudgery. And that's what McJobs mean- to surrender a piece of your life to an idiotic pursuit of wealth on behalf of those who already have too much...”

I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “Trash walks are great- empty one external bin and leave that bag somewhere you can find it, then compress the rubbish down in all the other bins and go to the pub, do your shopping, whatever. Come back and carry the bag you left earlier around to the front of the store and in full view of management chuck a few things in the bag. A manager (who had probably forgotten you were out there) will come to ask why you’ve taken so long. Look frustrated and ask when the last trash walk was done. “Just an hour ago” “Fucking hell, messy bastards today, this is the second bag I’ve filled,. I mean it’s still not great but you should have seen the mess before, etc.”. If anyone was out looking for you while you were in the pub, just claim you were along the street picking up litter in line with McDonalds community friendly policies.”

I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “You should work out with kitchen staff signals to deal with objectionable customers. For example, ‘extra bacon’ as a grill order might mean the order is for a police officer. It’s then up to kitchen to do their worst. Or, a ‘big Mac extra cheese, extra milk’, might mean ‘an abusive customer has ordered a big Mac extra cheese, please spit in it’. Abusive customers very often order grills because being awkward is there raison d’être.”

I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “Workers are taking shorter and shorter lunch breaks, devoting ever more of their lives to the productive process. McDonalds supports this trend perfectly- speed is emphasised over quality in everything McDonalds does. The food is served quickly, but also the customer is supposed to eat it quickly- this is why many McDonalds chairs are designed to become uncomfortable if sat on for any length of time. This way of living is a consequence of the logic of production, time away from the productive process is presented as lost time. Of course, the opposite is true and in taking lunch breaks at McDonalds we lose an opportunity for socialising and pleasure. McDonalds entire philosophy is produced by, and supports and reinforces, the idea that time out from the economy is ‘wasted’. To this understanding, taking time to cook a meal, then slowly eating it with a few friends or family, is ‘time consuming’. Or in other words, it occupies time that could otherwise be devoted to the economy- either to the productive or consumptive process. The whole idea of ‘time consuming’ activities only makes sense in a world defined by the economy, and out with this world, McDonalds philosophy is completely meaningless.”

I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “McDonalds is the epitome of triumphalist capitalism, arrogant and conteptuous of those who oppose it. it may soon be surprised... The workers united are more possible than they can powerfully imagine...”

I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “Their rules regarding food safety go way beyond statutory rquirements. However, when every few months they introduce another procedure, they never provide anymore staff to perform it. When the senior bosses come to visit, there are loads more crew on so things get done properly. The rest of the time, however, there's never enough people for us to be able to follow all their rules accurately. Labour costs need to be kept very low (about 14% of sales) and there's no way so few people can be feeding the 5000 and sanitising their hands every 15 minutes. And McDonalds knows this- they're a bit manic, chronically unimaginative and somewhat less than human, but they're not completely stupid. But the point of the rules is not to ensure food safety, but rather to guarantee that if there is an outbreak of food related illness then they can easily find a scapegoat; a crew member, a manager- it doesn't matter- we are all completely expendable. They need to be able to say: 'look, they broke the rules'. What is important is that their whole system of production, the constant prioritisation of speed, the obsessive cutting of costs at every level, that this is never brought into question, never exposed as the dangerous exploitative practice that it is.”

I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “We condemn absolutely the horrific and senseless acts perpetrated in America, but also we condemn US military imperialism and capitalist economic imperialism, and we condemn all of them in the same breath, for to speak of one without reference to the others is inadequate. McDonalds is part of the problem, not the solution.”

I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “Even compared to other shitty capitalist employment “opportunities” it is dispicable. It is totally degrading and dehumanising, there is a ‘procedure’ for every tiny action to make our role almost completely robotic. The pay is infamously poor, bad enough, according to the high court, to depress wages throughout the catering sector. Management is frequently very autocratic, the company likes to employ ex-military personel because they bring “a sense of discipline”. There are no overtime payments or any rights beyond those legally constituted. Hours are often unsociable. The work is sometimes relentless and employees are expected to ‘hustle’- basically run about like fuck for 8 hours (or 10, or 12...). Because of the pace of the work cuts and burns are very common, most people who have worked there for a few years will have at least one permanent scar. We are bombarded with inane company propaganda and are expected to comply with company stipulated ‘appearance requirements’. Theft of wages (clock card entries being altered by managers to save on labour expenses) is rife and is tolerated by the company- widespread frauding of employees wages to save the company money is NOT an offence that leads to dismissal, taking a drink without permission potentially is. Hours can be cut (completely) with just 10 days notice (often, in practice, much less). Even when your shift finishes, incredibly, you are not free to go and are obliged to stay on should management demand it, which they almost inevitably will. The UK crew handbook states “due to the nature of our business, on occasions you may be asked to continue working past your normal finishing time; you will be released (sic!!) as soon as the need for your services has past.” You can’t even go to the toilet with out first obtaining permission. If a shift is unexpectedly quiet and staff are not totally rushed then some staff will be told to go home, if they insist on working their full shift they will often be assigned the most unpleasant cleaning tasks to encourage them to rethink. At other times every day off will be disrupted by a phone call from a stressed, sometimes even tearful, manager begging you to come in and work. The obsessive cost cutting and incessant prioritisation of profit has enormous human costs.”


I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “One of the reasons workplace exploitation continues is because we are encouraged to think our frustration is a personal issue- don’t like McDonalds? Quit and try Burger King. Still shit? Quit, work in a pub. Don’t like that? Try a call centre. Try another call centre, work in an office... This can go on indefinitely until we recognise collectively that our frustration is not a personal issue, is not even a question of a particular job, but is an effect of a social system that exists in opposition to our pursuit of happiness.”

I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “What is so significant, so awful, about the Mark Hopkins' tragedy is that it was so blatantly avoidable. "There have been several recent instances in our restaurants where members of staff have received severe shocks from faulty items of electrical equipment" declared an internal memo from the same region in which Mark Hopkins was killed. And this memo went out 8 months before the tragedy happened. They had so many warnings and they did nothing. The incident is indicative of McDonalds' contempt for their employees and of their prioritisation of profit over people.”


I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “Don't moan, organise!”

I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “It’s obvious that shutting down McDonalds would only open up market space for other corporations acting on exactly the same principle. One of the regions where McDonalds has been less successful in recent times is in the United States, but McDonalds problems have certainly not coincided with a decline in burger culture and all which it entails. Moving from a profit driven, exploitative and ecologically destructive economy to a society of co-operation, equality and sustainability requires us to attack, not just individual corporations, but the profit system itself. It requires people everywhere to develop different political, economic and social structures.”


I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “McDonalds is very proud that other employers like to employ people who have had successful periods of employment with McDonalds. This is actually true. Employers know that if someone comes from McDonalds with a good reference then they have been through the boot camp. It is like a badge that simply says ‘I will put up with shit’, it’s a certificate that indicates your spirit has been repressed, that you have shown obedience. These are the sort of workers capitalism requires in the greatest number and these are the sort of workers the McDonalds experience is designed to produce. Fortunately, it very often fails.”


I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... "The bammers who support Ted Kaczynski and others who advocate random attacks on ordinary people should not be given a platform. If Fred West had said he was into the environment someone in the anti-capitalist milieu would have started a support campaign."

I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... "That all those employed by McDonalds, anywhere in the world, be allowed to organise themselves as they wish and that they be allowed to conduct the business of their chosen organisations on company premises, be allowed to display notices in staff areas and generally circulate information without hindrance. That this right to organisation and free expression is not dependent on the number of people involved in the organisation and that no person shall be prejudiced against for involvement in such an organisation. This demand applies to those employed directly and indirectly by McDonalds and so includes, for example, those employed to make happy meal toys or company packaging. Our lives may be very different but our struggle is the same. Finally, we ask McDonalds to make explicit that they do not own their employees and that they have no right to dictate what we can and cannot believe or express at any time.” (Glasgow MWR’s demand for the Global Day of Action O16 2002)

I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “It’s pretty self-explanatory, you slap down meat when you can be fucked. One little thing, if you’re using a damaged Teflon and it’s ripping all the meat but you can’t be bothered changing it, just sprinkle salt liberally on the frozen patties before latching the grill. The meat will come up in one piece and the customers will eventually die of heart attacks which means there will be less of the bastards to serve.”


I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “One week your wanting a few pence more an hour and to get the managers off your back, before you know it you're worried about all sorts of things: peasants displaced from their land by cattle ranching in Brazil, the conditions dairy cows live in, rainforest depletion and climate change... There are tens of thousands of campaigns like ours going on all over the world, and we've all got a common enemy- capitalism.”


I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “In a sycophantic attempt to aid training we have reproduced some of the OCL questions employees most frequently get wrong, together with the correct answers: In the event of a fire, who leaves first? Who ever is nearest the door. What must you do if a customer hands you a note of high value? Thank them and try to get your break soon. What is the procedure for high denomination notes? Same as all the others- in your sock.”


I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “McDonalds has been dubbed McGreed in Mpumalanga, South Africa, after refusing to supply anti-AIDS drugs to a staff member who was gang raped after working a late shift. Even after the attack McDonalds did not offer her the chance to work during the day, nor any transport home or trauma counselling. As a result, the employee was so afraid that after finishing her shift at the Nelspruit branch, she would spend the night hiding in the local mall only leaving after sunrise. She commented after the attack: "If I do end up getting HIV McDonalds will have helped sign my death warrant". McDonalds makes over $3billion every year. 'It's a team', 'it's a family' and yet it looks so much like a racket set up to make money.”


I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “Have you heard about the new 'Ronald McDonald burger'? It's a 35 year old piece of meat stuck between some 5 year old buns."

I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “Bouncer wants to open his own bar and be a capitalist so he wont have to worry about anything important and can moan about people being drunk or having too much fun and stuff. Everyone agrees anti-capitalism is no longer fun.”


I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “Traditionally, there has been a separate day of action (October 12th) in solidarity with McDonalds workers. We support one day of action for all those in struggle against McDonalds, whether they are directly exploited by the company or not, for we believe that only when those who produce the worlds wealth directly control that production will we see an end to the profit principle and all which it entails. We do not accept that our demand for freedom to organise is disassociated from campaigns against exploitative advertising, from the angry local communities opposing the building of new McDonalds, or from the movements of the landless displaced by cattle ranching. Workers organisation is not a single issue.”


I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “Place the shortening in the metal container and leave on the grill until it heats/ cools to a steady temperature. Slice the tomatoes and then dice/ puree with the grill spatula. Add the fresh onions to the shortening and sauté (shallow fry), keep the onions moving with the egg spatula and when they are sautéed (slightly brown) add the diced tomatoes and continue to fry lightly while mixing well with the egg spatula. After a few minutes add the sweet and sour sauce portions and continue to heat while mixing well, add the salt and pepper and heat for five minutes stirring continuously.”


I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “Help each other: One person might be good at writing letters of appeal, another might be up for physically confronting a bullying manager, someone else might just be a good listener when the job gets a bit too much. As Ray Kroc once said: ‘none of us is as good as all of us’!”


I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “Thus far we’ve talked only about money. This is, of course, only a fraction of the potential swag present in a McDonalds. Everything is up for grabs- happy toys, cheese, chocolate flakes, lettuce, wedges, sauce portions, cleaning substances, strip lights, sticky tape, cooking equipment, salt, pepper, sugar, pancake mix, plants, tea bags, rubbish bags, balloons, ladders, toilet roll, fire extinguishers... You need never shop again! All your worldly needs can be met by McDonalds (except alcohol and class A drugs which you can get by selling McDonalds stock), they are delighted to help.”


I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “Timeless entertainment for the whole family. Take a wet border cloth and mould it into a shape of your choice. The penis is the classic and most obvious option but you could potentially choose anything. Then leave it in the freezer for a few hours before returning to collect a large frozen phallus! Entertain work mates and customers with this amusing prop.”


I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “The McDonaldization of employment may have proved a crisis for the labour movement and for workers, but for workers it may yet prove an opportunity- an opportunity to develop new, more effective, more radical organisations, organisations capable of transforming society.”

I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “It all started a few years ago when about forty McDonalds workers, provoked by unpaid bonuses, made an unsuccessful attempt at starting a union at one store in Glasgow. Having failed so miserably, most folk would have given up, alas no...”

I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “Managers alter clock card entries to save on labourcosts, i.e. they might clock you out a couple of hours before you actually stopped working. This practice has been exposed at our store twice and we have heard of it occurring on numerous other occasions. We have NEVER heard of a manager being dismissed for this offence. Wide spread fraudulent theft of employees wages in order to save the company money is not a cause for dismissal, taking a drink without permission potentially is. The managers do it because they are under so much pressure from their bosses to keep costs down, but there can be few clearer indications of the depravity of the system and the degeneracy that it breeds than that servile, two faced, pathetic managers are prepared to steal from minimum wage workers, not even for themselves, but for a $35 Billion a year corporation.”

I wonder where this beautiful quote comes from... “Working for McDonalds is tedious, dehumanizing, pointless activity. None of us should have to spend our time that way. We have to find jobs where capitalism needs our labour, the only people who benefit from this racket are the burger bosses and others like them. If you want to know the difference between the work of today and the activity that represents our future, then today work for McDonalds and tomorrow take up cooking as a hobby.”


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