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Since MWR was set up, a veritable movement has blossomed around us. Here are some of the other sites that have been developed....

Other MWR sites:

"Spew tastes", "We don't take shit, we make it"... Gotta love MWR Midlands!

MWR UK, this site was built early in 2003 but it doesn't look like it's going to be updated much any more.

Long running MWR Manchester site, with a wage calculator and other good stuff. But what is their relationship with Just good friends?

Other McWorkers Sites:

Excellent site, regularly updated, great source of McImages, legal advice and more. Recomended.

The original online McWorkers Forum and old friends of MWR.

The cheeky chappies at McSlackers are still scamming their way through their shifts...

Super slick and sexy online forum facilitating frequently meaningless discussion...

Other McDonalds related sites:

McSpotlight is possibly the most comprehensive collection of information on any company in the world, ever made, ever. The site is enormous and if you can't find what your looking for here, it either doesn't exist or you're looking for pictures of Asian Transexuals. Still the definitive anti-McDonalds website.

We used to be mates with even if their politics sometimes left a bit to be desired. Then they started calling us assholes because our stickers were black and white, and other intelligent critiques! But fuck it, the site is well worth a visit.

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