News just in... Ronald McDonald is a knob
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McDonalds Workers Resistance... London, Paris, New York, Milan
Full report on the Global McStrike, October 16th 2002
Nothing made Anne-Marie happier than to curl up with a copy of Jean Barot's when insurrections die
remove it imediately or I shall be forced to legal recourse- Bill Davies, McFranchise owner
Laughed? I nearly spilt my pint!
Does the Pope wear a silly hat?

MWR HomepageWhy are external salaried managers so fucking stupid?
Everything we ever did was a farce...
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Here are some bits and pieces that were in danger of ending up orphaned...

Full transcript of an interview with The Face magazine, March, 2001

Christmas card sent to senior management, Christmas, 2000

Full proposal for the global day of action against McDonalds, October 16th 2002

Read McDonalds statement on the terrorist attacks in America and a response from Glasgow MWR

Minutes of an MWR meeting as recorded by Casper

Press cuttings about MWR

Monthly bulletins

Some absurdly obscure and tedious things we once said that will be of no interest whatsoever unless you are doing a phd on the McDonalds Workers movement.

Some old news...

Some even older news...

The International McGoSlow as Fuck!

The first and so far only MWR annual report

The Job that ate my brain...

Some prank phone calls...

"They pretend to pay me, I pretend to work"- Romanian worker

"it was not her sex appeal but the obvious relish with which she devoured the hamburger that made my pulse begin to hammer with excitement"- Ray Kroc
(McDonalds founder) in his autobiography, would you trust this man with your kids?

"We couldn't actually pay any lower wages without falling foul of the law"- Sid Nicholson, then UK McDonalds Vice President (and formerly a cop in apartheid South Africa, nice guy)


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